Finally getting to sharing bits from our epic 26 day EU road trip which ends tomorrow. Because there’s so much to share, and I want it to be enjoyable, I am going to break it up by the stops and then follow with a post on the road trip itself, route and what you need to know to do it yourself.

Our first major stop on the road trip was Chamonix, France.  We stayed at the BEST Airbnb chalet run by a Kiwi who attracts a pretty awesome group of friends who welcomed us with open arms.  The B&B is literally at the foot of a glacier and the views from our room were insane.  The King of the Castle, Gus, a 2 yr old Weimaraner was also a big plus for us. Total cutie.

View from Aaron's BnB

We had some temperamental weather during our stay, but still managed to get intermittent clear views after riding the cable car a top Augille du Midi.  Suddenly it was WINTER and we were FREEZING, but it was worth it. The Engineering feats it took to build the cable car and station up there are mind blowing.  And the daredevils that climb up and fly down from this mountain leave me breathless.  Check out this video of a guy literally flying under the bridge below in a squirrel suit.  It gets cray cray at minute 0:45.

After warming up with some tea at the top we rode the cable car halfway down and hiked 2 hours to the Mer de Glace.   By the time we got there we were so sweaty from hiking in warmest clothes we owned that I had to strip a few layers…

Mer de Glace

It was hot, ok.


This place was truly ZEN.  We placed some rocks on cairns along the way and sent kisses to the sky for those we love and miss.

We power hiked back in fear of missing the last cable car and having to hike  3 hrs downhill to town, and made such good time we stopped for a beer at the chalet before the station. Then had to RUN to make it and as we got there, the cable car was pulling away. “BUT WE STILL HAVE FIVE MINUTES” I panted. The Frenchie gave me the universal signal for tough luck, followed by a finger gesture that was clearly me, walking down the mountain. At this point I almost started crying and he started laughing. “One more coming” he says between chuckles. I had to go around the corner and compose myself I had so much emotion pumping through me. Asshole.

In the evenings we feasted with new friends from across the world (did I mention our host is also a fabulous chef?!? Have you TRIED tartiflette??) , drank wine and cooked together to a every-song-is-amazing Jazz station. One rainy night we went bowling and Eric and I were offered a modeling gig for a fitness club. You can’t make this shit up.

Chamonix, we will be back.  One of our current “what’s next” fantasies is buying a chalet and running a B&B in Chamonix.  The kind with the killer down comforters.

4 responses to “Chamonix

  1. wow, i vote for the idea of your own chamonix b&b – i (and i’m sure lots of others) would come to stay! wonderful photos; chamonix businesses could use them for marketing. eric vs. the mtn – we know that eric won. xo

  2. OMG I LOVE your blog and the photos! Just grateful you guys didn’t try the flying squirrel gig!
    As for the job offer….picking you two was a no-brainer! 🙂

  3. You two rock. PERIOD. Love getting these mini doses of your fun times. Miss you tons and can’t wait for the next installation! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  4. Dear Lisa, Thank you very much for another update, which we read with much interest. If you go on like this, you will have a nice diary in the end — or even material which can be published. We hope that the forcast of the weatherboys will not come true so that you will be able to celebrate Eric’s birthday on Tuesday without getting your feet wet. Love to you both, Helmfried

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