I’m baaackkk!!

Phew! It’s been awhile. We have been busy shifting our travel-around-the-world-life to a work-from-anywhere-in-the-world-life and somehow my poor little blog got neglected along the way. Writing here and sharing my experiences has brought me so much joy and satisfaction that I have been chomping at the bit to get back at it and bust out the DOZENS of stories, experiences and recommendations I have been collecting along the way. In the last two years we have volunteered teaching Entrepreneurship & Computer Science to Israeli & Palestinian youth in Jerusalem, explored the red sands of Jordan, studied spanish in Colombia, adventured to the Northern most point of South America and the Western most point of Europe, road-tripped for a month through Ireland playing the spoons in every pub that would let me, wintered in Tahoe, Eric kayaked the Grand Canyon for 21 days off the grid, we hiked the mountains of Colorado, sailed through Caribbean waters of the Grenadines, bought, renovated and Airbnb-ified a HOUSE in Sayulita, Mexico and built our consulting/coaching businesses to the point that we are officially legit digital nomads committed to the lifestyle of be-bopping from one wifi spot to another at whatever pace we choose. Booyah!

There is so much to write about I don’t even know where to begin. But, my friends, I’ve got STORIES to share and I am inspired to write. So here it goes. I am committing to one blog post a week, the engines are firing back up, the juices are flowing.

Many of my posts are driven by friends asking me for recommendations on a certain location. Portugal is popping and I still have loads to share, starting with more day and weekend trips from Lisbon, with goods on Colombia to likely follow given the interest. I’m also inspired to share my learnings gleaned throughout the creation of our digital nomad lifestyle to enable continuous travel while doing work I love. More to come on that. If you have a particular curiosity, let me know!

I’m back! Knuckles cracking. Let’s do this!

3 responses to “I’m baaackkk!!

  1. Welcome back mi amor ! Can’t wait to hear those knuckles cracking!
    And you need to catch up in time for our next adventure in Baja!
    Love you! Mamacita.

  2. I wondered what happened to my Californian gypsies now I know!
    By comparison my ho-hum life seems drab.
    It is nearly three years since Gisela went to heaven and it will be 4 years in
    January since we met you both.
    Each New Year I have returned to our Thailand love nest but it is not the same.
    I did take some of her ashes to all nine
    of the places we lived in our 42 3/4
    Years of wedded bliss. Oliver our eldest
    came with me to Montreal and both sons came with me to South Africa
    where they were both born. I completed the ” trip ” with stops in Hong Kong, Milwaukee; Belleville,Il ; Cha Am, Thailand and Singapore

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