Portugal: Cascais, Lisbon and Sagres

I write this from  the cozy living room of my favorite B&B in Chamonix, sitting on a fuzzy blanket covered couch, Jazz playing, my tea by my side, rain coming down on the glacier out the window… Hard to believe just two weeks ago we were diving into the Atlantic to escape the heat in Portugal. I’ve been wanting to share our Portugal trip before the connection to it slips through my fingers, replaced with the present Alpine goodness which I’m eager to share soon as well.  Going through the Lisbon photos and spending time reconnecting with those two weeks reminds me how lucky we were to have the time with family and how much I love that part of the world. We will be back. Azores, Sept 2014 anyone???

Our two weeks in Portugal were split between São João do Estoril (down the beach from Caiscais) at Corinna and João’s house, exploring Lisbon and an overnight road trip to the southwestern most point of Europe, Sagres.


Jam sessions with my 2 1/2 yr old Godson, Vasco, playing “trompete”, “klarinette”, “gitarre” and of course, the drums.  Most of these “instruments” are really just sticks he’s found, but his imagination and love of music inspires you to rock out with him. The video below is dark but its captures our jam sessions perfectly, missing them already. Making dinners with Corinna, meeting their wonderful friends, drinks on my Uncle’s terrace, and waking up my atrophied German muscles. I’m inspired to iron out the kinks and reclaim my “fluent German” status. Both E and I have been motivated to learn as much of the languages we encounter (Portuguese, German and French thus far) as possible and settle on one to master. Just as we started to kinda-sorta learn the rules of Portuguese pronunciation (zzzhhh, shhh, ssss, uuuuu, putting the right emphAHSis on the right syllAHble), we left. For now we are experts in translations apps!

Spending quality time with my German/Portuguese family was priceless.  We spent too many years far away but its comforting to know that you can pick up right where you left off and that childhood bonds are not easily broken.  Strong enough she lets you raid her closet and wear all her clothes becuase you’re already sick of yours!  “Cousin-sisters” as Joäo and Eric like to call us when they are commiserating about some annoying trait we share,  love you!! xxx


We watched summer turn to fall and our last week was a wet one. Many lazy days reading and planning out the EU roadtrip. We spent two days sightseeing in Lisbon. Castelo de São Jorge,  the peaceful Monastery of São Vicente de Fora and just wandering the streets of the Alfalma district were some favorites. One of my favorite moments was waiting out the rain showers in the monastery, sitting on the marble steps writing in my journal listening to the rain pummel the square outside. Felt like exactly where I was suppose to be.

Sagres Roadtrip


  • FREE CAR! Thanks João!
  • Goat cheese, walnut and honey toasts at Mitic Bar and Restaurant
  • Finding a room – see notes in the photo below
  • Wine and more goat cheese on pizza at Bossa Nova

Little roadtrip video we shot on Instagram:

xx LK & E

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