Making Lemonade in Mexico City: Lucha Libre

When you miss your connection and get stuck overnight in Mexico City for 12 hrs, what do you do? LUCHA LIBRE of course!!!

Lucha Libre Date Night

Not quite on the level of Robot-Cabaret but pretty. damn. fun. My new personal life goal is to find the most hilarious date night opportunity with every travel snafu. I mean LOOK at this! The wedgie pick?!!?! Too good.

Lucha Libre Tickets

What I’m not able to adequately capture here is the pure ENERGY of the place. These guys are not just athletes (those flips tho!), they are entertainers, and they are all in. They are as committed as the concrete floor they flung themselves out of the ring onto – ouch. Except El Terible, he has trouble keeping a straight face when things get cray, but I found it endearing and he quickly became my favorite.

And sometimes shit gets real. Because it’s all fun and games until one of these spandex clad behemoths comes crashing into you breaking the chair and causing you to bleed from the mouth…which is exactly what happened to the Japanese tourist sitting a row over from us. (sorry, no pic) Clearly she is a fellow experience-junkie, as was evident by the huge bloody grin on her face as she exited the arena laughing. Check that off the bucket list!

What I’ve learned these last few years is that travel, like life, comes with unforeseen setbacks. We can focus on what should have been and be angry that our plans have been side-swiped, or we can choose to channel our inner Beyoncé and make some Mutha-F-in lemonade. This was hands-down one of my favorite evenings of the year. It was spontaneous, authentically unique, and made me laugh harder than I had in months. It also gave me the opportunity to witness a whole new type of self expression and flavor of GOING FOR IT! Who would have thought that I would be sitting in an arena eating popcorn and sipping beer on a random Saturday in the largest metropolitan area of the Western Hemisphere, watching a whole new form of theatre to me, in which nostril grabs are more art than a science….and LOVING every moment.

Mexican wrestler pulling another guy by the nostrils

That’s El Terible on the left below, cracking himself up.Mexican wrestlers

Next time you find yourself in Mexico City:

  • Buy Lucha Libre tickets via Ticketmaster or Ticketmaster Vendor – we bought ours at Liverpool department store since it was the day of.
  • Sit as close to the ring as possible. C’mon! Live a little!
  • Uber to get near the Arena and then walk around to find amaazzzing street tacos
  • Save room for beer and popcorn
  • Buy masks and practice your Spanish naughty words as you cheer with the crowd.
  • Avoid flying AeroMexico at all costs (esos pendejos wouldn’t give us a single penny of compensation despite causing us to overnight).
  • Marvel at the many unique and interesting ways we humans create experiences for others to enjoy

And next time things don’t go according to plan, consider it a gift from the universe to experience life in a way you would never have otherwise. Cause isn’t lemonade so much sweeter?


2 responses to “Making Lemonade in Mexico City: Lucha Libre

  1. That’s awesome. That’s like one of those great life experiences you’ll never forget

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