First stop – HOME

And here I find myself…blogging. The term blogging almost gives me hives…thinking about the days of annoying livejournals (dating myself) and pages of self important posts that nobody will ever read. But we are embarking on a journey and it needs to be captured. Not only for our own archives but to share with those that are interested in joining us on our adventure, even if just virtually. So if you’re reading, welcome! And thanks for coming along 🙂

I’m on Day 9 of this new chapter of my life. My last day of work was May 31, and I haven’t quite settled into the dreamy relaxing life of the “summer off” I thought I’d have as we prepare to travel the world or a year. I find myself up at 6am, finding new ways to optimize my day for checking as many things off my to-do list as possible. What is it with that inner over-achiever that measures the success of a day with how much you get done? Is that an American thing or a human thing? I’m working on being comfortable doing nothing…and finding I’m not very good at it…sigh.

So many exciting things to research when your planning a year abroad! Around the world tickets, destinations to research, itineraries, who knows what and who, travel gadgets, packing lists, health care (ok not so exciting, but necessary!), BLOGS! And in between I’m making time to enjoy the beautiful place we currently call home: Marin County, CA and the surrounding Bay Area.

Friday I was fortunate enough to be invited to spend the day sailing on the bay with good friends, cold beers, 88 degree sunshine and most importantly, wind! Yay!

Sausalito Harbor

Me, Carole (Alex’s mom) & Alex

We swung by Tiburon end of day and picked up Eric who works at Digital Foundry across from the pier, whisked him aboard at Sam’s & sailed back to Sausalito. Only in San Francisco! #lovemylife


Day sailing on the SF Bay: check!

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